Limpopo Travel A/S and Diana Hunting tours will be referred to as “the Bureau” in the following:


Law on Package Tours

All travel arrangements are subject to “the Law on package tours”, that has as one of its aims, to give wider consumer protection.

Travel agents must be able to document, that when a travel arrangement has been booked and before the deposit has been paid by the customer, that they have drawn attention to all possible aspects of the travel arrangement, including costs, conditions regarding changes etc. In accordance with this the Bureau refers to the Bureau’s brochure, pricelists, invoices, voucher, travel documents, practical information, insurance documents and separate product-liability insurance.


Most of the Bureau’s partners require a deposit on booking; therefore it will not be possible to obtain a deposit refund on cancellation.

If the trip is cancelled less than 45 days before departure the total amount is lost. This is not the case if war, natural disaster or a similar situation occurs in the country of destination less than 14 days prior to departure. In such a situation, the total amount will be refunded. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance to cover you against cancellation due to sickness or such like. Please read the section about insurance.

Interrupted Trips

If, for any reason, the client wants to interrupt their trip, there will be no refund for missed days or arrangements.


The Bureau’s liability for defects as well as human and object damage is limited by an international convention on compensation applied to the service supplier that the Bureau uses for the trip bought by the client. It is the Warsaw Convention that is relevant to international flight transport, though the amounts of compensation are often quite low. Injury compensation awarded in connection with flights is only roughly Euro 13,500. The Bureau is member of the Danish State Travel Guarantee Fund (, which guarantees the client all money back or help in connection with the return trip from their destination in case of payment suspension by, or bankruptcy of, the Bureau. Any action against the Bureau will be determined under Danish law and should be made through a Danish court or referred to arbitration in Denmark. The Bureau’s catalogue is valid for 2015. The period for which the prices are valid is clearly stated. The customer has the responsibility to make him or herself familiar with and fulfil the conditions, which are stated in all delivered publications and documents, including General Conditions.

Please be aware that unforeseen changes in the law conc. import and export of trophies might take place, and might then cause problems. If such changes happen after the hunt has taken place – it might make it impossible to export/import the trophies. In such cases the bureau cannot be held responsible.

Rules and liability with regard to treatment of trophies.

We all know that a trophy hunt is only 100% complete when the trophies arrive at the hunters’ home residence. Unfortunately problems occasionally arise in the form of mistakes during trophy preparation and taxidermy or in connection with the transport of trophies home. To be able to solve these problems as efficiently as possibly it is important that one knows who bears responsibility for what, and not least, what you can do to protect yourself and your trophies in the best possible manner:

Read our rules regarding liability in relation to our trophies on our website.

Payment Details

Nordea Bank Danmark A/S

Ramsherred 10

DK-5700 Svendborg

Reg. No. 2680

Account No. 8474 909 663

Swift code: NDEADKKK

Iban: DK 61 2000 8474 9096 63


US$- account

Reg. No. 2680

Account no. 5036 071 631

Swift code: NDEADKKK

Iban: DK4220005036071631



Reg. No. 2680

Account no. 5036 060 281

Swift code: NDEADKKK

Iban: DK6920005036060281


Reknr. 1377.29.855

Swift code: RABONL2U

Iban: NL17RABO0137729855

Booking and Payment

On booking a trip, 50% of the total price must be paid within 10 days – if other arrangements have not been made. The booking is binding for both the travel agent and customer. The remainder is due 45 days prior to departure. If these conditions are not met the Bureau retains the right to cancel the hunt and keep the deposit. If it is necessary to send out a reminder the client will be charged a fee of Euro 25. Interest at a rate of 1,5% per month will also be charged to the client on any unpaid dues.


The Bureau draws your attention to the fact that copyright applies to all photographs and text in this brochure and that the pictures used are not necessarily used under the correct partner or destination.

EU Firearms License:
EU Firearms License is required in all EU countries. No European Union Firearms License is required for trips outside the EU. However, if the client has a stopover in a EU country a EU Firearm License is required.

Flight Tickets

Flight tickets cannot be altered or cancelled after they have been issued. The Bureau draws attention to the fact that it is the customer’s responsibility to give the correct name to the Bureau. It is very important that it is the same as that it appears in your passport and any visa. If the ticket is issued in the wrong name it could cost the price of a new ticket or a fee of approx. Euro 150 to correct it. In addition to this fee the Bureau will charge an administration fee of Euro 75. It is the customer responsibility that tickets and other travel documents are issued under the correct name.


The customer must make sure that they have the correct documentation when checking in at the airport, as well as all relevant documents for the continuation of the journey. The customer also has the responsibility to be aware of any changes in flight times and must, when travelling abroad, reconfirm their flight tickets at least 72 hour before departure. This can be done with the relevant airline or with the Bureau’s agent at your destination.

Cancellation Insurance

With this cancellation insurance you are covered if you, your immediate family, or your travelling companion, is affected by an acute illness. But you are also covered if you are forced to cancel the hunt due to a less serious physical ailment that would ruin the value of the tour for the hunter. In these circumstances the Bureau will issue a credit note equal to the sum paid. 

With the special cancellation insurance charged 4% of the tour cost, which we offer in partnership with Europæsike ERV, in the event of cancellation covered by the policy, will issue a credit note for a new hunting tour with the Bureau. If you would prefer your money to be refunded, then you should take out the normal cancellation insurance charged at 6% of the tour cost.

General Information

The client must always remember to read the general information concerning their destination, because it contains very important information relating to their specific hunting area.

Importing Trophies

Some species are on the Washing ton Convention’s list of endangered species. These require a special import permit that the client can obtain from the authorities in their native country. Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to obtain this permit. Check to find the nearest office at which to apply.

Contact via Helpline

The Bureau can be reached 24 hours a day in an emergency situation – you will receive the number with your travel documents. Normal opening times are from Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 17.00 on tel: (+45) 62 20 25 40 or (+45) 62 23 11 10. Thursdays from 9.00-17.00

Credit Cards

Payment with credit cards issued outside Denmark entails a min. 3% supplement (depending on the type of card). Check for further info.

Transfer of Journey

If the customer wishes to transfer a package already booked to another person, it is possible, if there are still spaces free. However it is necessary that the Bureau is informed at least 30 days before departure, so all the necessary changes can be made. Both parties are now responsible for any remaining balance or extra charges associated with the transfer.


Prices in this brochure are given in Euro if not otherwise stated. With regard to package prices that include flights, the flight price is based on the lowest economy class. The price is dependent on spaces being free in this price class

Price Adjustment

The Bureau reserves the right to adjust their charges resulting from price changes beyond their control, eg, flights, taxes and currency fluctuations etc. So, if a trip is booked at a price of Euro 2,000 based on the US$ exchange rate of 80 on 01.11.2014, and the rate rises to 90 on the day payment is received, there will be an increase of 12,5% for part of the hunt which is to be settled in US$. In this example it could be Euro 1,500 that is paid on, therefore the exchange rate adjustment will be 12,5% of the Euro 1,500 = Euro 187,50.


If something unforeseen or a problem occurs during your tour, the Bureau must be contacted immediately, if the client and the Bureau partner cannot solve the problem themselves. If this is not done, the client will have no right to make any claim after his/her return.

Most problems, big or small, can be solved with a single phone call.


In the case of tours where you reach your destination in your own car or a hire car, you can generally assume that this car will be used during the hunt, if the need arises. The use of your own car or a hire car in the hunting district is your own responsibility. If you use the hunting districts vehicles, you should be prepared to pay extra for transport. The only exceptions are the tours, which clearly state, that transport during the hunt is included in the price.


The Bureau advises clients to contact their doctor in good time before departure to receive the correct advice. Please also refer to the Bureau’s general information for each destination.

Weapons and Ammunition

When travelling with weapons and ammunition, there are some simple precautions that must be taken. The Bureau will inform you about how you should travel with your weapons and ammunition, apply for importation permits, and inform airlines. As with all other baggage, there is a risk that you weapon case will be delayed or even lost. Should this happen, it does not give the client the right to cancel the hunt or receive any partial refund, as long as the Bureau can provide a replacement weapon within 2 days. If you do not wish to travel with your weapons, they can often be hired in the hunting district at a reasonable cost.

Change of Arrangement Before or After Beginning of the Hunt

If the Bureau has to change or cancel a hunt, the client will be notified as soon as possible. Should this occur the client has to inform the Bureau in reasonable time if intending to make a claim for compensation. If this is not done, the right to advance a claim is dropped. The client has no right to advance any claim if a possible change or cancellation has been drawn to their attention when the hunt was booked, or if the changes are caused by an unauthorized third person and the Bureau could not have foreseen or prevented it.

If the client wants to make a change before the beginning of the hunt, there is a fee of Euro 75.

Not all hunts can be changes. If a hunt is shortened, there will normally be no refund.

Transport of Trophies Home

The Bureau offers help with the transport of trophies home from a number of individual destinations. If you do not use the Bureau’s transport arrangements, it is the customer’s own responsibility to get the trophies home from the relevant hunting destination. The Bureau advises their customers to take out insurance, which covers the trophies against possible accidents. Such insurance can be taken out at a shipping agent.

Printing Errors

We cannot be held responsible for printing errors. Limpopo Travel A/S and Diana Hunting Tours - December 2016.

Test Hunt

For the sake of good order we would like to define what a test hunt actually is:

We arrange test hunts to new districts that we think look promising, but have not yet had any first hand experience hunting the area. Test hunts are always offered at a lower price than the same hunt will be sold at later, but we can offer no guarantee about the quality of the hunting, or indeed the package as a whole, as these are just the things we will be testing.

A hunt organiser who hosts a test group knows that he is up for “an examination”, and that any future tours from LIMPOPO/DIANA hunters depends on what the test group experiences. Because of this most of these “first time hunts” work out really well, - but they are offered on a “take it or leave it” basis.

On a few, extremely rare occasions, it may be necessary for us to cancel or postpone a planned test hunt. This may be due to any one of a number of reasons and if it proves necessary for us to do this we will of course refund all monies paid in to us, but other than this we cannot accept any other claims for compensations

We will also accept no compensation claims that relate to the quality of the hunting arrangements.

We also really appreciate it if all the test-hunters give LIMPOPO/DIANA a report about their experiences on their return home.

The Auction - Terms of business

Price of travel

The travel price shown on the auction is the highest bid + plus the auctioneer’s fee. Limpopo Travel A/S does not take a percentage fee on the bid.


Travel bought on auction must be paid within 3 working days after conclusion of the auction. Payment can be made online, via bank, credit card, debit card or cash at our address. Failure to pay on time will entitle Limpopo Travel to cancel the transaction and offer the product for sale once more. The buyer has no rights of ownership over travel products before they are paid for, including any costs incurred.

No right of cancellation

The buyer has no right of cancellation – as applies to online auctions of other types of goods, such as antiques – when purchasing travel products (see “the Act on Certain Consumer Agreements" section 17, article 2, no. This entails that the purchase is binding.


Bids made are binding and cannot be withdrawn. Bids made are visible, but bidders are only identified by their username, and therefore remain anonymous to other users. Bids given in the last minutes will automatically extend the auction, to give all interested parties the opportunity to complete their bidding.

Travel product descriptions

Limpopo Travel evaluates and describes the products according to the best of its abilities. The products are presented with evaluations and minimum prices, unless otherwise stated. Minimum prices are always visible. Limpopo Travel is responsible for the descriptions, and if it transpires after the auction that a description was subject to major error, the buyer is entitled to cancel the purchase. In such instances, the buyer will be refunded the bid price. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that all personal permits necessary for undertaking a trip (such as hunting licences or weapon permits) are in place before departure.

Technical provisos

Limpopo Travel reserves the right to cancel, extend or re-run an auction if external abuse, technical faults or other factors arise, which in our opinion necessitate it. On the same basis, a transaction in our online shop can be cancelled. Limpopo Travel cannot be held liable for errors or delays which can be ascribed to the customer’s internet connection, computer or software. 


The customer’s personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties.


Any disputes will be settled according to Danish law by the Court of Svendborg or the High Court of Western Denmark.

The right to make changes or additions to these terms of business is reserved.